Your Favorite Features

We take pride in our our continual feature development, but it is still really overwhelming to hear our customers talk about how features have changed their workload and driven their businesses. The most amazing thing?  Most of these customers also told us that they know they are only using a small percentage of the available features.  Just […]

Giveaway Inventories

Race Directors can now set inventory levels on Giveaway items. In addition, we have introduced a Giveaway planning tool. The planning tool, shown on the right, shows the previous year’s total giveaways in graph and table form. The table shows % growth or decline each year. The projection tool autofills last year’s totals by size. […]

Event Specific Notifications

You now have the ability to add your own specific message on the confirmation email sent to participants based on the event(s) they signed up for. This is in addition to the capability we have had for quite a while on customizing your notifications (now located in the Race -> Notifications page). There are a […]

Coming Soon: Race Director & Timer Video Content

We had a great time over the weekend, collaborating with Race Directors and Timers at our first User Conference/Race Director & Timer Symposium.  Everyone brought a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, and shared some really innovative and unique ideas.  This is just a little teaser of what you can expect to see. We will be releasing all […]

New Race Director Dashboard – Getting Closer…

As reported in June, Race Directors will be getting a brand new Dashboard in the coming weeks. We now have an early test version up on one of our test servers that you can take a look at and provide us with feedback.  Go to  This database is updated from today, so you should […]

RunSignUp & Google Analytics

RunSignUp has just released our initial integration with Google Analytics! This feature is available under your race dashboard under “Promotion” -> “Google Analytics”. This new release will allow you to see the number of pageviews, and unique visitors that hit your RunSignUp Race Info page. Future updates will provide more information about pages throughout the […]

Registration (and other stuff) on your website

Races, clubs and running stores are really getting the hang of using the RunSignUp Widget technology to put registration, information, race calendars, results and more on their own websites. Here are some links with some interesting approaches. The great thing is that you can make the widgets look just like the rest of your website and […]

Integration with Final Surge

RunSignUp is partnering with Final Surge, a fully-featured training log for athletes, coaches, teams, and clubs, to offer an alternative to our default coaching log capability within the RunSignUp Club platform.  In keeping with our open approach to software options, Club Directors who have a need for a Coaching Log will choose the platform that best […]