New Race Director Dashboard – Getting Closer…

Race Director DashboardAs reported in June, Race Directors will be getting a brand new Dashboard in the coming weeks. We now have an early test version up on one of our test servers that you can take a look at and provide us with feedback.  Go to  This database is updated from today, so you should see totals up to mid-day, July 10 2014.

There are several major advances and improvements:

Reorganization and Rationalization of Menu Options. Over the past 4 years we have made a lot of improvements and added hundreds of features. Many of these were stuck onto the menu system that was originally designed 4 years ago and we simply outgrew things. The new menu system has new top level menu items and sub menu items that are more functionally based:

  • Dashboard – quick access to top level reports on your race.
  • Race – this is where you set up the basics of race registration and is where the wizard is accessed.
  • Go Race Day – this collects all of the race day functionality like kiosk options, results, bibs, as well as our many technology partners.
  • Participants – make changes to users like moving between events or issuing refunds, manage wait lists, set up Groups/Team and Corporate Teams.
  • Reports – Participant and Marketing reports.
  • Sharing – Security settings, links, widgets, Facebook, Notifications, E-Mail Marketing, Referral tracking, Ad Tracking and Google Analytics.
  • Donations – Set up donations, charities, fundraising, and access reports.
  • Store – Set up, manage and report on your store items.
  • Financial – Financial reporting, pricing, invoicing and payment setup.

Mobile Responsive Design. Although you may not want to set up a race from a cell phone, this advance will allow you to easily check things and make changes when you are on the road if you need to.

Left or Top Navigation Menus. We have had a top set of menus for the past 4 years. A left navigation menu is the standard in the industry now, but we will give you the option of top or left. In addition, the navigation is faster and pore powerful, enabling you to explore options.

Still coming:
We have a number of other advances that we will be coming up with. The two big ones will be improved reporting features and Simplified Menus.

For reporting, we plan on having a simplified interface that is common across all reports so it will be easier for user to learn. We will be offering expanded output options, such as exports in PDF and Google Spreadsheets. We will be offering more powerful report building, giving you the option to pick search fields and parameters as well as column display. We are also going to give you the ability save and re-run reports. We also hope to provide a simpler Google-like search bar for quick, simple searching.

For Simplified Menus, we will be able to customize the number of dashboard pages and menu items each user sees. So if a simple 5K only needs access to 20 menu items, that is all they will see. Sophisticated users will be able to see all options. If you don’t need donations or a store, then your screen will not be cluttered with those menu items. We will have some default settings and we will use a bit of artificial intelligence to determine what your needs are when you set up the race. You will always have full control to pick any or all of the pages and menu options to display.

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