RunScore – RunSignUp Integration Feedback

RunScoreThis is from Kei – one of the RunScore gurus!

“I have had so much enjoyment working with RunSignUp on several of my latest races. The integration of their API with RunScore is great. Extremely easy and robust.

I log on to the race in RunScore and am asked if I want to keep “Sync with Server” active. I acknowledge and then when I get into the race, all changes and new entries from RunSignUp are automatically added to RunScore after a few seconds. The changes that I made to records in RunScore are also mirrored to RunSignUp just that fast.

My races love working with them, much more than they ever did with Active and some of the other new services. The races also like that RunSignUp only charges one transaction fee on all the entries for that session. A family of four saved over $12 on one of our races. I hope that all the other services out there follow suit sometime soon.

I have not used the Results integration yet, but set them up in just a few minutes. They really listened when we brought up problems with the earlier integration using the API.


Thanks Kei!  You deserve some credit too for helping to set up the requirements for this integration a year plus ago!

You can learn more about the integration at And here is a video:

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