RunScore – RunSignUp Integration Manual

RunScore RunSignUp IntegrationAlan Jones has written a new manual, complete with example scripts for RunScore users on how to integrate with RunSignUp.

Download the RunScore and RunSignUp Integration Manual.

This short and simple manual includes information on:

  • Logging into RunSignUp from RunScore
  • Download Event and Participant information from RunSignUp to RunScore
  • Upload Participant information from RunScore to RunSignUp
  • Sync Participant information – make changes in either system and automatically sync the changes to the other system.
  • Upload Results to RunSignUp
  • Live Result uploads every 30 seconds
  • Enable RunSignUp Results Notification via TXT or EMail
  • Sample RunScore Scripts that you can copy and paste

Here is a diagram of all of the integration:

RunScore Integration


  • Test before race day!
  • Make sure your Event is the same name in RunSignUp and your Listing file when uploading
  • An alternative to sync is to just have an upload that uploads anyone in the RunScore database who doesn’t have a registration_id. This will generate a link between runners you put manually into RunScore and when you upload them to RunSignUp.

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