CSV Conversion Utility – Useful for ElfScore Users

We have put up a generic CSV conversion utility – https://runsignup.com/Utilities/ElfScoreConversion. As the URL implies, these conversions are particularly useful for timers using the ElfScore scoring platform to easily import runner registration information. This joins our other CSV Merge Utility. It that helps convert the following formats:

CSV Conversion

You select a file to import, then on a per field basis do the above conversions. Here is a fuller explanation:

Elfscore CSV Conversion UtilityConvert mm/dd/yyyy to 3 columns for month, day and year. This is multi-column format is something required by ElfScore, a scoring package used by some timers.

Cut Zipcode to 5 digits – this helps when your CSV contains a 08057-2434 type of format.

Convert times to seconds – 5:23 become 323 for example.

Remove non-numeric characters – this is useful for stripping off a field that might have characters on it like “RegID 123” becomes “123”.

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