WSJ Article on Bib Exchange

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article Marathons, Triathlons Allow Runners to Resell or Transfer Entry Bibs. Bob Bickel, founder of, says some 10% of events on the site scheduled for the next 12 months permit a runner to transfer a bib to another runner, up from less than 6% in the past […]

Tomoka Marathon Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Tomoka Marathon Case Study focuses on using RunSignUp as a central data point for everything from registration to race day and volunteer coordination.  View the PDF Version of the Tomoka Marathon […]

Claiming Accounts for Imported Runners

When a race imports runners, those runners are not “real” RunSignUp users with a password and the ability to edit their information. We have facilities in RunSignUp that allow runners to “Claim” their account. We also have facilities to “Merge” two people – for example if a runner has a RunSignUp account but they were […]

Toledo Likes Technology: Glass City Marathon Takes Full Advantage of RaceJoy!

This weekend we had amazing usage at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio. Race director, Clint McCormick, was one of the first to offer RaceJoy in last year’s 2014 Glass City Marathon race event. Race participants and spectators, once again, showed a huge adoption of technology, with more than 6,000 people using RaceJoy to […]

2015 Glass City Marathon Brings Joy to the Race

Organizers Offer RaceJoy for an Innovative Race Experience April 23, 2015 —Toledo, OH — The Glass City Marathon, a Toledo Road Runners Club event, to be held on April 26, 2015, is once again offering RaceJoy, a RunSignUp mobile race application. This is the second year race organizers offer RaceJoy to provide a unique real-time […]

Enhanced Partner Reporting – Multi-Year Comparison Charts

For our Partners with multiple races – either timers, event managers or companies with race series – we now offer simple year over year comparison charts. This is an expansion of the earlier Partner Reports we had released. Here is an example of a timer who started introducing RunSignUp to their races in 2013 and […]

Pricing and Differentiating Your Race

Fueled Insights, a market research firm, recently published a report that helps races understand why they need to differentiate their race. The report is available (and highly recommended!) as a PDF below: Fueled Insights – The Fight for Runners’ Recreational Dollar One of the analyses they dive into is the rising price of races: The […]

Donor and Fundraising Goal Widgets

Now you can put a scrolling list of donors anywhere on your website, as well as our cool fundraising goal wheel. The example on the right shows each widget. These widgets can be placed anywhere on your website with a simple line of code. Building these widgets is simple. Go to the Promotion -> Widget […]

Updated Coupons

We have released new functionality with our Coupons that improve reporting, analysis and ease management and creation. In addition we added some nice enhanced features. First, reporting has been improved with built in ROI analysis. You will note the top table shows the discount amount ($5,386) and the amount of registration fees they produced ($7,790) […]

Google Moves Mobile Sites to Front of the Line on Search

Google has added mobile readiness to their list of criteria for ranking websites for their search results. This means that mobile friendly sites will get better placement than equivalent sites that are just designed for desktops. Fortunately, RunSignUp was the first race registration site that was built mobile-ready. So your race pages should only […]

Road, Mud, Trail – You Move, We Follow!

All types of running events are sharing their excitement for RaceJoy’s cutting edge tracking technology. This last weekend we had six road races, a trail run and an obstacle course with lots of mud. Before going further – as this will simply be a thought you can’t shake – what did they do to protect […]

Updated Fundraiser Report

We have fine tuned the Fundraiser Report with some suggestions made by the Semper Fi Fund. The key additions are: Click on the name of each fundraiser to go to their detailed information including contact information and details on their fundraising. Fundraiser search to quickly find the information on each fundraiser or fundraiser team. With […]

New Compressed Team Report for Triathlon Teams

We have added a new Compressed Team Report that is perfect for triathlon teams. It puts each team onto a separate line of a spreadsheet that you can export with the following information: Team Type Giveaway Bib Registration ID (I’m going this was the membership number) Waiver Accepted This is available from the Participants -> […]

CSV Conversion Utility – Useful for ElfScore Users

We have put up a generic CSV conversion utility – As the URL implies, these conversions are particularly useful for timers using the ElfScore scoring platform to easily import runner registration information. This joins our other CSV Merge Utility. It that helps convert the following formats: You select a file to import, then on a […]

New Summary Details Financial Report

You may have noticed a new button on the Financial Summary page on your dashboard (we will be redesigning that page soon to consolidate all the reporting options). It is labeled “View Detailed Summary”. The report below shows an example of a race with many different options like registration, coupons, store items, add-ons, donations, etc. […]

Rock the Parkway Rocks it with RaceJoy!

With a growing number of running race options to choose from, event organizers are looking for ways to add to their race experience. Rock the Parkway Kansas City Half Marathon and 5K took place this last weekend and is one of the most popular half marathons in the Midwest. The race sells out every year […]

Race Organizers and Sponsors Can Offer GPS Tracking Experience

We are now offering the option for race organizers to provide participants and spectators with an innovative tracking experience through RaceJoy, a unique mobile platform that provides real-time interactive experiences for road race participants with their supporting spectators. Race organizers can now offer, as a complimentary service, RaceJoy’s innovative experience that includes live GPS tracking, GPS […]

Scranton Half Marathon Embraces RaceJoy’s GPS Tracking

This past weekend was a big race weekend in the United States. Overall, RaceJoy had close to 2,000 users over the course of the weekend and 340 phones were tracked with at least one supporting spectator tracking them. More than 7,000 GPS-timed Progress Alerts were sent out, as well as 1,700 cheers. We are continuing […]

USAT Outage – April 28

We received the following notification from USA Triathlon. This will obviously cause some issues and we are considering our options for during the outage and also trying to understand the implications for triathletes and race directors after the new membership system is installed. We are considering disabling all USAT registrations during their down time as […]

New Payment System – Better Reporting

One of the things that our old payment systems did not allow us to do is tie registrations together with payments precisely. As outlined earlier, with the new system we are “closer to the metal” of the credit card network and can track things much more accurately now. Two examples below that will excite the […]

Improved Participant Search for Partners

We have added the ability for Partners to search based on participant status across all of your races. The search used to only be on Active users (no pun intended). Now you can also look for deferred, cleared, transferred, deleted, and cleared participants. This will help partners with multiple races to track down what happened […]

Improved Resend Confirmation Email

We have improved the “Resend Confirmation EMail” capability by allowing you to change the email. This is great for race directors with runners who have mis-typed their email address and need the confirmation email sent again (you can also prove to the runner that they typed it wrong in the first place!). The runner’s email […]

Charlottesville Marathon Participants Use RaceJoy’s GPS Progress Alerts!

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy GPS tracking was in full swing this last weekend at the Charlottesville Marathon in Charlottesville, Virginia. A total of 225 race participants and spectators accessed RaceJoy for live phone tracking, cheer sending and progress alerts. On race day, 44 phones were tracked and close to 400 cheers were sent to race participants for […]

Email Marketing – Access Previous Years for List Building

We now make it easy to access previous year’s lists and build custom lists in the RunSignUp Email Marketing system. When creating a new list, you now have a drop down year selector as shown on the right. Simply select a year and you will see all the different options for your race such as […]

Setting up a Race without Payment Information

With the new release of the RunSignUp Payment System, you may not have the information required for completion of the payment information. There are various scenarios for this and various ways to handle them as out lined below. At the top of the page, there are three options: Set Up Now is when you have […]