Updated Coupons

We have released new functionality with our Coupons that improve reporting, analysis and ease management and creation. In addition we added some nice enhanced features.

Coupons ReportFirst, reporting has been improved with built in ROI analysis. You will note the top table shows the discount amount ($5,386) and the amount of registration fees they produced ($7,790) for an ROI of 144%.

The second table shows the % of coupon usage relative to the overall number of transactions (373 out of 3,843 – or 9.7%) or Registrations and the average coupon discount ($10.45).Coupon Codes

When creating or editing a coupon, you now have finer control of what the Coupon is applicable to as seen on the right. Note that we default all of these to ON when you select Race Registration Fees.

We have also simplified the uses of the the Coupons:


There is now an Advanced Setting section that includes a Notes field (so you can remember why you created this coupon!), as well as further restriction options like it must be a new customer, the total transaction has to reach a certain minimum, or limit the number of transactions for a user. You can also share the coupon code between specfic races that you are the director for:

Coupon Code Advanced Options

All of these features are also available to Partners who can share codes across all of their races. This is useful for multi-city race series or for event management or running stores who help put on races. Here is an example report from a small partner:

Coupon Usage Graph

Finally, there is an API that allows other technology partners to create coupons and pull coupon information.

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