Race Organizers and Sponsors Can Offer GPS Tracking Experience

PhoneTrakPhoneWe are now offering the option for race organizers to provide participants and spectators with an innovative tracking experience through RaceJoy, a unique mobile platform that provides real-time interactive experiences for road race participants with their supporting spectators. Race organizers can now offer, as a complimentary service, RaceJoy’s innovative experience that includes live GPS tracking, GPS timing progress alerts, fun audio cheers and NearMe alerts. RunSignUp continues to offer a free-to-the-race option where the participant and spectator pay 99 cents for these features at a given race. RaceJoy “buyout” pricing varies based on the number of participants and course distance and starts at $450.

Bob Bickel, the founder of RunSignUp, says this about the new PhoneTrak buyout option:

“With the rising number of runners and walkers carrying their phones during the race and their increasing expectation that races provide some form of runner tracking, we have been receiving a growing number of race organizers requesting the option to provide RaceJoy’s tracking and cheer features free for their participants and spectators. We feel we are on the cusp of truly changing the race experience and are very excited by this response from the industry and the shared enthusiasm to offer an innovative experience through RaceJoy.”

RaceJoy has a unique focus on the race day experience and shares real-time information with participants and supporting spectators through the phone’s native technology.

According to the Running USA’s 2015 National Runner Survey, 57% of runners are now carrying their phones while running, increasing the opportunity to utilize the phone’s GPS capability as a tracking mechanism.

RaceJoy taps into this tracking capability to provide live GPS tracking on the course map, GPS-time performance alerts as they cross mile points on the course, and NearMe proximity alerts as a tracked participant draws near.

Race organizers can offer RaceJoy to round out their official race timed results information by providing additional real-time progress and performance information. RaceJoy also enables organizers to expand the race experience to embrace spectators by helping them to conveniently support the race participant real-time from the race site or remotely.

Any running, cycling or triathlon race can send in their course map to be loaded into RaceJoy and organizers can choose to either sponsor the features in RaceJoy or have the consumer pay the in-app 99 cents upgrade fee. Races receive:

  • Listing in RaceJoy
  • Interactive course map(s)
  • Countdown/Start clock
  • Basic event information

Those who choose to purchase the tracking and offer it as an added service, also receive logo placements, in-app banner ads and the ability to add specific points on the course map. For more information about the race buyout option, view our PhoneTrak Pricing Flyer.

Race organizers can request to have their race listed within RaceJoy at no charge or inquire about sponsoring RaceJoy for their event by sending their request to addrace@racejoy.com with an electronic version of their course map (GPX or KML file format or URL link) or enable under Go Race Day on RunSignUp’s platform.

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