Setting up a Race without Payment Information

With the new release of the RunSignUp Payment System, you may not have the information required for completion of the payment information. There are various scenarios for this and various ways to handle them as out lined below.

At the top of the page, there are three options:

Payment Setup Options

Set Up Now is when you have the information you need.

Use Test Mode will allow you to test your race pages and registration path up to the point of putting in the credit card number. This is nice for testing out your race and you get ready to go live. You might not want to leave this mode on since runners might go thru the registration process and not be able to register.

Set Up Later allows you to turn on registration and begin taking transactions.

Begin Taking Transactions

Checking this will allow your race to take up to $3,000 in transactions. We will obviously not make payment to you until your payment information is complete.

The person setting up the race may not have access to the information required in the payment account setup, so you need to have someone else fill in the information. There are two ways to do this.

First, you can invite someone who will only have access to the financial information right in the Step 3 of the Wizard:

Share with Finance

The person will receive a link. If they are a RunSignUp user already they will login and go straight to the payment account setup. If they are not a user, they will need to register so we can maintain security.

The other way is to add the other person as a full race director, or give them access in the race director dashboard. In any of those cases, you will need to send a specific email to the person to let them know they have to set up the account payment information. The Payment Account Setup is a menu choice off of the Financial Menu item on the race director dashboard.

Timers will want to include the race director on the very first step of the wizard when creating the race for a new race director. Again, you will need to send an email to let them know they need to set up the payment account information. Here is a sample email:

Setup Account“We have set your race up for you!  We have sent a separate invite from RunSignUp that will direct you to create an account and get access to the race.  As a priority action item, you will need to put in your own Payment Account information. You can learn more about setting up a payment account here.”

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