Claiming Accounts for Imported Runners

When a race imports runners, those runners are not “real” RunSignUp users with a password and the ability to edit their information. We have facilities in RunSignUp that allow runners to “Claim” their account. We also have facilities to “Merge” two people – for example if a runner has a RunSignUp account but they were imported in a race for some reason.

Claim AccountWe have made a change to try to catch these up front so the user can solve this themselves. First, we have added the message at the right to someone trying to login to edit their information.

Merge AccountsWe have also created a mechanism if a runner was imported and they have a valid login already on RunSignUp with the same email address. On the right is the message they see when they try to login, and below is the merge account utility screen they will see:

Merge Accounts

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