RunScore Results Update

RunScore ResultsHere is the latest from Alan Jones on RunScore Results Pre-Release advancements:

The latest Version Level 2014.12.21 can be downloaded from (assuming you already have a RunScore install):

What is working – I hope

  • Have new RunScore Results icon/shortcut thanks to Andrew Sigwart.
  • The main screen now is dark blue so the person has assurance he/she is on RunScore Results and not on RunScore.
  • New RunScore Results logo and icon by Andrew Sigwart
  • Create Signon.
  • Create race including adding events.
  • Can edit the race to add more events or turn on or off “Draft race”.
  • Can enable notifications from RunScore.
  • Can use RunScore Results even if you don’t have an event_name or event_id. RunScore Results forces you to create one RSU event and then uses it for everything.
  • Sync with server – limited testing but seems to work. When you make a change in RS, it immediately is sent to RSU. In the other direction, RS checks for changes on RSU every minute so you may have to be patient after making a change at RSU before it is reflected in RS.
  • Can download registrations
  • Can upload registrations from a listing file.
  • Can go directly to the race dashboard with one click.
  • Can upload “RunScore Results” and view them with one click from RunScore.
  • Can upload incremental results.

What isn’t working yet

  • Assigning columns in a report that are enabled for notifications. Stephen put this capability in last week. Not yet implemented.
  • With respect to incremental results, you can enable only one event to affect the upload of results from one listing file. It is planned to enable this for multiple events for multiple listing files.
  • Cannot change an event via Sync with Server.

And, I’m sure, lots of other stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet!

What may work but hasn’t been tested

Upload of results using RSU native method.

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