Alan Jones Sells RunScore

As anyone who follows RunSignup knows, we are huge fans of Alan Jones – naming an annual Timing Award after him to be handed out at our annual Symposium. We are very happy for him, as he has decided to sell RunScore.

RunScore was first released 36 years ago, and for many years was the gold standard in race timing. It is still known to have very powerful features to customize scoring with custom fields, computational fields, powerful listings with programming logic capability and more.

In fact, part of the design inspiration for RaceDay Scoring came from RunScore. Yes, we have custom and computed fields, yes you can do programming logic under the covers and we even automatically generate listings that underly every report. When we first started building it, our goal was to give the power of RunScore and the ease of use of The Race Director. Our ambition was to live up to the examples Alan and Roger Bradshaw set in producing open, low cost and effective tools.

For RunScore users who want to evaluate alternative future platforms, we invite you to learn more at

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