Event Transfer Improvements

Event-Event TransferWe released a new and improved version of Event-Event transfer this week. This was based on feedback from race directors and runners, and we figured out some ways to make it even simpler for runners and more powerful for race directors.

Races can enable Event-Event transfer in the Participant Management section of the Dashboard.

When transferring to a different event, the registrant will automatically pay the difference between the events, if the event they are transferring to is more expensive. The processing fee on the transfer will be calculated from the amount needed to be paid to complete the transfer based on RunSignUp’s pricing.

Event Transfer FeeIn addition to the difference between events, and the RunSignUp processing fee, the race may charge an additional fee for event transfers. The Race will keep this additional fee.

Credits from the previous registration can apply to more than just the event fee. So if the registrant goes from a $20 event to a $10, event, they can use the extra $10 on giveaway costs or an add-on (but not a donation or store purchase). There is no refund given for the reduced cost.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 8.41.11 AM

You can also set how many days before a race users will be allowed to request an event transfer.

Race Directors can allow event to event transfers without the user having to pay the event price difference when the new event costs more than the user initially paid. This is highly discouraged if any of your events have a different cost than the other events. It is useful in wave or heat races where all events are the same cost. In this case, setting this option will allow for transfers without having to pay the event cost difference if event costs go up or if the original registration included a coupon.

Specific Event Transfer PricingYou can also set up pricing for specific transfers based on the events involved.

Event Transfer ReportRace Directors and Timers can get reports to see who has made a transfer. When you look at the participant report, it will just show the registrant in the new event.

There is obviously quite a bit of power and flexibility we give races. The goal is to let race directors set the rules, and then have the participants self manage their participation. The runner is able to see their race registrations in their Profile and simply click on Transfer.  They are led thru the familiar registration process and costs are automatically calculated for the checkout.

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