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Partner ReportsOne of the major features of RunSignUp is the ability for us to have Partners who help race directors with using the system. Our biggest set of partners are Timers, who use us for multiple races and enjoy the ability for them and the race director to collaboratively work on the race. This means things like sharing Participant Lists, setting bib labels and posting results becomes far easier. This is also useful for Multi-City races who need to track a number of races across locations.

Since the Timers do some of our “work” for us, we share part of the processing fee with them. To keep track of this as well as all of their races, we provide them a Financial Dashboard as part of their Partner Dashboard.Partner Revenue Share

Partner Revenue Share
This provides a simple view of all of the processing fee revenue that has been shared with the partner. The example on the right shows the overview page and allows for drill down into all of the previous payments. This will drill down all the way into each individual transaction made across each race. We made a change in payments with the new financial system in early October. We used to pay at the end of each race. We now pay on the second Monday of each month for all race processing fees collected.

Race PaymentsRace Payments
This report shows all of the payments made to races. From this report, Partners can drill down using the same set of Financial Reports races use.

Some timers collect the money and then pay the race, as this timer does int he report on the right. You will note that the three race payments (which also show amount paid, but cut off here for privacy) all have the same Invoice ID#. So one payment is made, but the reports will show how to divide up the money collected.

Top Race ReportTop Race/Club List
This shows a list of the top races across any date range. It compares both revenue and # of participants to previous years. And there is a nice set of graphs for each race to see the progression. The example below shows how much this race has grown over the past three years!



Summary Report
This is a simple report showing the totals for any period of time.

Partner Summary Report


If you have other suggestions for improvement, please let us know!

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