USA Triathlon 2014 Waivers

RunSignUp has implemented the latest USA Triathlon automated Insurance and Waiver validation. However, some Triathlons are waiting for more improvements in this automated system at USAT (which RunSignUp will implement as soon as available), and want to simply conform to the USAT Waiver requirements for online registration.USAT Waiver Setup

RunSignUp has updated the USAT Waiver only process to conform with the 2014 rules, as well as included the 2014 Waiver in the registration process. To enable this, go to the Memberships setting in RunSignUp and select USAT as shown on the right.  

While there are other options to enable, but this simple step is all you really need to do to have your Triathlon conform to USAT Waiver Requirements. See for more information on other options.

USA Triathlon Waiver AgreementYour athletes will see a page like the one on the right where the USAT 2014 Waiver will pop up and they scroll thru to then enter their name and birthdate.  This will be for each participant if there are multiple participants in the same registration.

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