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Teams and Groups
Team PageEncouraging Teams and Groups to come to your race is a great way to lift participation. There are lots of use cases:

  • Triathlon Relay Team
  • Competitive Teams
  • Social Groups at a Color Run
  • and many, many more…

This month’s release of RunSignUp Teams 2.0 makes creating and joining teams a true Social Experience. Not only is it easy to invite friends via Facebook, Twitter and EMail, but now race directors can even set incentives for team size. For example give a $5 discount to all teams over 10 people (we handle the refund to the first 9 participants for you automatically).

Our customers are loving the new team features because we have streamlined everything, while adding a lot more power options for those tricky situations.

Mobile 2.0
RunSignUp Mobile 2.0
42% of registrations on RunSignUp now happen from a mobile device. This means that you need to think about how to make your race easy to access and register from a mobile phone (30%) and tablet (12%).

RunSignUp was the first race registration company to offer a native mobile feel in the browser a couple of years ago. We just released Mobile 2.0 with a complete Responsive Design for participants joining your race. This means the screen is easier to read and simpler to navigate – right within the web browser on user’s phones. No need to load a native app – participants sign up for your race fast and efficiently! This all works without any effort on your part and looks equally great on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or any mobile device.

RunSignUp User Conference?

We are thinking about holding a RunSignUp User Conference in 2014. We are kind of leaning toward August in Philadelphia, but let us know your thoughts!

Click to give us your feedback – User Conference Survey.

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