USA Triathlon Integration Upgrade

USATWe have worked with USA Triathlon to create a new and improved integrated registration process with USAT Membership management. This makes it simple for triathletes to sign up for a race and use or get a USAT membership. It also makes it simple for race directors to meet the reporting requirements of USAT. Here is a quick video, and a full explanation below:

Integrated Registration Process
USAT Membership RegistrationThe registration process is now totally integrated, with a single checkout. Every option for USAT membership is available:

  • Existing Membership number validation in real time against the USAT database
  • Single Day/Race
  • USAT Yearly Membership
  • Renew USAT Yearly Membership
  • Upgrade from One Day to Full USAT Yearly Membership

Single CheckoutThe Waiver process also conforms to USAT requirements – meaning the waiver must be read and signed before moving on.

If someone is signing up their friend, and can not sign the waiver, RunSignUp communicates all waivers that need to be signed to USAT, who follows up to get the signature. As noted below in the reporting section, we provide Waiver reports so that you can have people sign on race day morning if they did not sign during registration or as part of USAT followup.

TUSAT Confirmation Emailhe checkout process is seamless. The Membership price is added to the race fee and other items that may be purchased.

Note that USAT sends a membership confirmation email within 24 hours of registration (it is not immediate).

USA Triathlon Membership Setup
USAT Integration SetupAdding the USAT Membership to your triathlon is simple. Just go to the Financial -> Membership page and select USA Triathlon as the option.

All you need to fill in is the Event ID. We give you the ability to search the USAT database in real time to find your proper Event ID.

USAT Waiver Report
USAT Waiver ReportWe provide a convenient Waiver Report for you and USAT to use. It provides details of the IP address, the Signature and the Waiver Version and Date for each entry.

If a participant did not sign the waiver, RunSignUp communicates that automatically to USAT. Their membership coordinators will try to contact the participant to get a proper waiver signed.

In the event the waiver is not signed, you as the race director can see a report with the missing waiver signatures and have them signed on race day.

USAT Reporting
We have a new report that shows the numbers and types of memberships for each race. We leave a blank spot so you can fill in paper applications and totals for easy reporting to USAT.

USAT Report

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