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RunSignUp USAT Triathlon Insurance

Triathlon StartOne of the big challenges Triathlons have is organizing USAT insurance for non-USAT members.  For those of you who are not familiar, USA Triathlon has a great insurance program for their members and races.  Members get insurance in all official USAT sanctioned events.  Non-Members must get a one day insurance for $12.  But collecting this money can be a hassle for race directors.

Add USAT Insurance for non-members easily
Add USAT Insurance for non-members easily

We have worked with DQ Events and USAT to understand what can work best.  We released Phase 1 of this today.  A simple way to collect the money during registration.  We are working on even better integration in later phases and will be announcing them over the coming weeks.

With this release, a triathlon race director can easily set up collecting the extra fee.  Triathlete’s check if they are a member and enter their membership number (we do a simple verification it is a good number), or they check they are not a member and a $12 insurance fee is added to their checkout total.  Note this is also enabled in our Kiosk and Smartphone race day registration capabilities for automation on race day!

RunSignUp also has great team support that makes it easy for Triathlon relay teams to sign up individually or together as a team.  If they sign up together, the system is smart enough to ask each participant for their USAT Member Number or add insurance automatically.  If they sign up separately, the first member of the team can create a team and the other 1 or 2 members can join that team themselves – ensuring each participant is signing the waiver form appropriately.

Race Directors can then run a simple report after their race and forward a payment to USAT for the total insurance money collected.  They can also report triathlete information as required by USAT.

Future enhancements will allow for payments directly to USAT.  Thanks very much to DQ Events and the USAT for your help!

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