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In the dark of COVID, Rich Sbarro has snuck onto the RunSignup | GiveSignup development team this year. Bob has worked with Rich for nearly 20 years while Rich has been the CTO at Metaverse (see FramedArt.com for an example of his work). He has built a complete ERP type system at Metaverse, where it is not just the front end commerce site, but also the fulfillment of the orders. This includes a warehouse location system for hundreds of thousands of pieces of artwork, creating work orders to bring together a Cezanne print with a frame, and plexiglass to be assembled. The process includes creating custom sized boxes, optimizing a CNC machine to cut a 4X8 plexiglass sheet into the optimal set of smaller pieces for the thousand orders that might come in during a day. Oh, and things like doing print on demand, or ordering when inventory volumes fall to certain levels. Oh, and optimizing ads and SEO on the website and determining optimal pricing.

Hopefully, you get the point. Rich is one of those really gifted software professionals.

He started working part time earlier in the year and joined us full time in mid September. He is still on the board of Metaverse and is available to them to help when they need it, but he has left a strong team behind and is ready to help us on our future of helping nonprofits and endurance organizations.

Rich will lead a next generation project we are calling the Supporter Engagement Platform. Watch for more information as we roll the concept out and the product features start to take shape in mid 2021.

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