A Happy List of the Tech We Used in 2020

RaceJoy made the news alongside big names like Uber, Fit Bit, and Nest in this CNN Business News article. How cool is that?! Sadly, it is in reference to products the CNN staff barely used in 2020. Clearly, the author isn’t taking advantage of all the great virtual and even on-site events taking place across the country like his fellow runners and cyclists. RaceJoy actually experienced 168% growth in the number of events using RaceJoy this year. To be fair to the folks at CNN, we get it, the pre-2020 virtual race didn’t have much to it, but the post-2020 virtual is a whole new experience – especially with RaceJoy. Race organizers have responded quickly and are deploying creative methods for delivering an authentic, interactive, and safe race experience – no matter where you are or where you run/ride.

People are Craving a Finish Line.

Megan Schultz, Richmond Marathon Race Director

A great example of this is Richmond Marathon’s hybrid/ virtual 2020 race. This included offering on-site course options that could be completed any time over an extended period and virtual race anywhere options. They made full use of RunSignup’s hybrid race technology tools, including RaceJoy. We recently sat down with the race director and timer to get some insights on the various things they did to add to the race experience and to create safe environment. As the race director, Megan Schultz, said “People are craving a finish line.” Check out the interview here.

RunSignup offers comprenhensive tools events can use to put on a hybrid race experience – either on-site or virtual race anywhere or challenge events. These tools range from flexible registration to virtual user submitted results to RaceJoy’s interactive experience (participant tracking, cheer sending, and custom audio on the course). Organizers can find more information about offering a hybrid race experience here.

RunSignup’s Happy List of Tech Used in 2020:

  • Race Registration
  • GiveSignup fundraising
  • New Challenge Platform with Cool Badges
  • New Virtual User Submitted Results
  • Flexible RaceDay Scoring
  • E-Bibs
  • Dynamic Bibs
  • RaceDay CheckIn
  • RaceDay Results
  • User Submitted Photos
  • And… uh….RaceJoy!

Those wishing to try out RaceJoy, can do so by dowloading the app and registering for the RaceJoy Rocks demo race here. Event producers can try out a virtual 5K or one of the challenge options to get an overview of its features and get a first hand understanding of the participant’s experience.

In closing, we invite all, including the CNN staff, to open new windows, blast open any closed doors, dust off those running shoes and try a virtual or on-site race. Good-bye 2020. Say Hello to 2021!

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