Shipping Feature Enhancements

We have released three enhancements to our shipping feature. Collect Shipping Information for certain ADD-ON OPTIONS only: You can now choose to ask for Shipping Address for specific add-ons options You can enable this feature under Race>>Registration>>Shipping In the example below, the shipping address will only be asked if someone chooses to have their bib […]

Shipping Address Improvements

We’ve made reporting improvements to our popular Shipping Address Validation capability: Shipping Address in now available in the Race Add-On Report, making it simple for vendors to get the information they need to complete shipping for a race. Shipping Address is now available in the Add-On Partner Report, allowing for simpler reporting across a series […]

Shipping Address Correction Stats

Since releasing our Shipping Address Validation that uses the USPS validation mechanism, we have had a lot of customers make nice comments. They use it to let participants┬áthat want their Bibs, Giveaways or Add-Ons shipped to a correct address. This is similar to how Amazon validates your shipping address. One customer recently shared their stats […]

Shipping Address Validation

An increasing number of races are shipping items to their participants before the race (or after!). Some races charge a shipping charge, and some bundle it into their pricing. However, if items are returned, that can create frustration for the participant and a lot of overhead for race directors. If you have ever bought something […]