Geographic Shipping Charges Expand Virtual Race Opportunity

With the rapid growth of virtual events and challenges, we are seeing International demand for many events. Our latest release allows custom pricing (and exclusions) based on Country and/or State. This helps virtual events raise more by expanding your geographic target, and ensures you do not lose money on costly shipping charges. As one customer told us already “We are going to Mexico!”

As a simple example, you could charge $7.50 to ship within the continental US, $15.00 to Alaska and Hawaii, $20,00 to Canada and Mexico, and $35.00 to the rest of the world, and exclude Iran and North Korea. 

In order to use this feature, you must be using our shipping feature which can be enabled under Race >> Registration >> Shipping.  Once you have enabled the shipping feature, you can enable Shipping Charges and Exclusions at the bottom of the page: 

At the top of the setup page, you can enter additional details about your shipping policy and any shipping fees that will apply. If a shipping fee is charged on a registration, you can also customize the label that will appear on the checkout page: 

The actual shipping charges and exclusions can be set up in the Shipping Charges and Exclusions Section

Click Add Shipping Charge or Exclusion.

IMPORTANT: When setting this up, any INCLUSIONS settings will OVERRIDE EXCLUSION SETTINGS. So, if you only want to allow shipping to specific countries, make sure to set up an ALL COUNTRIES EXCLUSION SETTING FIRST.

Set up an exclusion for All Countries and click Save.

Then, set up each country that you want to INCLUDE.

With the above settings, shipping would only be allowed to addresses in the US, Canada and Mexico. US Shipping would be free and shipments to Canada and Mexico would incur a $15 Shipping fee.

During Registration, the additional shipping fee notes will appear at the bottom of the Shipping Address page:

On the checkout page, the additional Shipping Fee will be itemized if the registrant has selected a country where a shipping fee applies.

We include a summary of any additional shipping fees on the detailed financial summary page, so it’s easy to view the total additional revenue for any shipping fees that are charged in your race. 

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