Mailing Address Labels

We have added address information to our bib label tool. This is a quick simple way to create mailing address labels for smaller virtual races that plan on doing the packing and shipping themselves via the post office.

It currently is in the RaceDay Tools -> Bibs -> Build Bib Labels, but will be part of an expanded shipping dashboard page that we are working on (that will add nice features like per state and country exclude shipping and shipping pricing).

The setup is simple – type on the left. If you have a “?”, then it will give you a choice of a number of fields from the database like First Name, last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip. Here is an example setup page:

We support a variety of small standard labels like the Avery 5160. Clicking on the green “Generate Labels” button creates a pdf document ready for printing. Remember to print at 100% with no margins. For the Avery 5160, it prints 30 labels per page that look like this:

In this example, we included the shirt size to make it simple. We are actually using this for the Scott Coffee Run to ship shirts.

As mentioned, stay tuned for lots more shipping enhancements over the next month or so.

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