Coronavirus Impact on Races Week 14

Please see,, Looking Forward: Guidelines for Races, and for recommendations and tools.

Things continue to evolve as of May 17, 2020 from Week 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 of the Coronavirus. 

The transaction volume we saw the past week is 29% lower than the same week last year vs. last week at only down 18%. This is the first drop we have had since mid March. The is partially due to a drop of about 6% in the transaction volume from the previous week, and partly due to the increase in last year’s comparable weeks due to the end of the month.

We’ve included two charts showing the total $ amount of transactions flowing thru our system on a weekly basis both pre and post Coronavirus. The first is a simple %, and the second is the actual transactions per week on our platform. For example, this past week was $3,413,584 vs. $4,778,779 last year. Also, you can see we were having a great year (up 29%) before the virus, so this does not represent the community as a whole…

The other point is that of that lower volume, of the 20 top races over the past week:

  • 11 are virtual races
  • 8 are challenges
  • 1 is for a real race scheduled in June – the Zion at Night, which will have 50 runners every hour starting a half marathon from 7PM until 7AM.
  • 0 are for for fall or 2021 races.


Of course the big news in endurance was the cancellation of Boston. Although other majors have not cancelled, we think it will be difficult for any large race to happen normally this year and possibly into next.

On the other hand, smaller races are starting to come back slowly. There were a number of real races this past weekend with real results.

T&H Timing in Indiana (we wrote up a blog about their race last weekend which was the most popular blog ever on our site) had another 243 person safe race in Indiana. He has his corrals set to a limit of 25 people and going off every 10 minutes. His feedback is that they feel they could handle 35-40 every 10 minutes safely. Look – real results!

Vacation Races also held an even large event – the Bryce Canyon Ultras and 30K. They had 226 finishers in the 30K, 75 in the 50K, 96 in the 50 Mile, and 12 in the 100 Mile (although some still be running!).

We saw 5 others report times via our timer scoring software Race Director and RaceDay Scoring, all less than 100 people the CoRUNa. This shows that people are starting small, learning, iterating and gradually able to grow events safely.

Weekly Blogs and Webinars

Probably the coolest feature we released as a dynamic overall goal meter for cover pages. It allows you to put down whatever image you want, and the total all of the individual efforts against a total goal. In this example, it shows a map and running across the US by all the people entered in the challenge. But it could be an image of a bookshelf showing a progress bar and the total number of books read for a reading challenge.

We did 2 webinars this week on challenge events, as they continue to rise in popularity and new types

RunSignup has benefited from our large and creative customer base, many of whom have shifted to virtual and challenge. We thank you for your support!

Stay healthy.

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