Coronavirus Impact on Race Registrations – Week 2

As we discussed in our blog about ideas for preparing a plan in case your event is impacted by Coronavirus, we are starting to publish weekly updates on using year over year race data on the number of registrations.

In Week 2, race registrations were up 0.9%.

We use data from the Top 250 races this year that also were on our platform last year from Saturday – Sunday March 1-7. A total of 125 races were in that top 250 report both this year and last year. The total number of registrations across those two years grew from 40,345 to 40,715– a total of 370 additional registrations.

Healthy Races

There are some great recommendations from race directors on creating healthy environments at their races on Race Directors Hub. For example this:

Postponed Races

We have one confirmed postponed race in California. If your race is postponed, we would love to hear about it by sending an email to

We will run this report weekly until the threat of impact is over.

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