2020 Winter Symposium: Corporate Team Events and A Better Website Solution

Still looking for video recordings of our 2020 Winter Symposium sessions? We have our presentation slides available now and are continuing to upload videos on our YouTube Channel. For now, enjoy our next two sessions:

Corporate Team Events

With Eric Cone and Matt Sinclair

Corporate Teams are a unique way to drive registrations by allowing sponsors and other companies to register their employees for your race. Whether it be a company-wide 5K or a corporate sponsor for your race, RunSignup has a corporate teams solution. Join Matt Sinclair and Eric Cone as they walk you through the corporate team capability and the features included in the option.

A Better Website Solution

With Matt Sinclair

One of the most important parts of your race registration process is your website. It’s one of the first ways that your participant interacts with your race. RunSignup offers an extensive amount of free website features to help you align your website with your brand. Join RunSignup’s Matt Sinclair as he walks you through creating your race website, from custom themes to cover pages!

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