Overall Dynamic Challenge Goal

You can now set an overall goal for your challenge that updates in real-time. This is great for challenge events that have a collective goal that all participants are working together to achieve. For example, American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation Runs the Country Challenge has set the goal to run across the country in one week. Individual participants log their miles on their own results page, and all of the miles roll up to the new overall dynamic challenge goal.

You must enable and create a cover page to add the new overall challenge component, by navigating to Race >> Race Page >> Cover Page.

Add a new section and select Virtual Challenge.

There are 5 customizations that you will be able to configure:

  • Title (optional): I added the name of my challenge here, “Running Across the Country to Fight Hunger”
  • Goal: This is the overall goal that all individuals are contributing to. In the example below, the challenge is to run across the United States (3,067 miles)
  • Events: Select the event or events that you want to include in the overall total
  • Button: You can add a call to action such as Join Us or Donate
  • Background: Upload an image or choose a background color

This will add the overall goal component to your website. This progress will update as individuals log their activity.

If the goal is achieved more than one time, the progress goal will re-start, and an additional “goal achieved” counter will show.

This is another great addition to our Challenge Platform, and can unite your participants towards achieving a common goal – whether that’s logging miles to the moon and back or a cross country challenge.

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