Webinar Recap and Recording: Virtual Challenge Events

Have you heard about the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee? They opened registration on RunSignup in April thinking they would get 200 participants, and ended up with more than 19,000 registrations. When we saw the demand for virtual challenges, we built a challenge platform that handles everything from participants logging and tracking their activity to interactive mapping – to make it easy and free for you to make money now.

In this webinar, Bob and Allison gave an overview of the Challenge Platform, demo-ed several examples, and gave an update on what’s next in the development pipeline for challenges.


Please visit https://runsignup.com/ChallengePlatform for the most current information about RunSignup’s Challenge Platform. From the Challenge Hub, you’ll be able to find:

  • Detailed and up-to-date Set Up Guides
  • Blog posts (you can also find all blog posts about challenges here: https://runsignup.blog/?s=challenge)
  • Live Challenge Examples that customers have set up on RunSignup
  • Sample Challenges that we created for you to test. Some of them are on the test server, meaning you can “sign up” and test out the challenge platform as a user.
  • Best practices for shipping & fulfillment, sponsors, and promotion

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