Coronavirus Impact on Race Registrations – Week 3

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Things have changed drastically in Week 3 ending 3/14/2020 from Week 2. When we announced our Tools for helping races with Coronavirus on March 10 there were some upset people. By Saturday everyone realizes the impact this is having and will have for the next couple of months and possibly longer. We have expanded our stats.

Previously, we had been measuring weekly changes of registrations for the week year over year. TO say the least it dropped off a cliff this week. The data is misleading because there was not an impact early in the week. Here is the “Week to Date” data we collected:

2020 Reg2019 Reg#Change

By Saturday registrations were down over about 80% on our site.

Roger Bradshaw provided data from timers who use The Race Director on Saturday.


We released a Postponement Tool on Thursday March 12. We collect two sets of stats on that. First how many races have turned it on. Note this does not include races who use their own methods for marking the race as postponed.

Second, what choices have participants made. The problem with this data is that each race uses the postponement tool differently and offers different choices. The good news is that users seem to really like being able to give the race feedback. And each race is able to see the data on each participant as well as their own counts (actually the counts will get enabled on Monday):

We will continue to share data as we get it.

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