Team Fundraising Page Co-Captains

Last year, we released a co-captain feature for team fundraising pages. The feature gives team fundraising captains the ability to grant other users captain access for their fundraising team. This is helpful for large fundraising teams or teams that are managed by corporations.

Team captains can grant this access from the FUNDRAISING section of their user profile by clicking EDIT FUNDRAISER next to their team page.

 edit fundraiser

Then, additional captains can be added in the Fundraiser Captains section:

Fundraiser Captains.png

Last week, we released an update that allows race directors to grant this co-captain access from the back-end of the system. In order to add co-captains, race directors can follow these steps:

  • Go to Donations>>Fundraisers.
  • Click EDIT next to the Team page they would like to manage
  • Add additional uses in the Fundraiser Captains section


In order for a user to be added as a co-captain, they must already have a RunSignup user account. If they don’t have one, they will need to create one here.

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