RaceDay Virtual Results Now Supports Flexible Result Sets

RunSignup just rolled out more flexibility for virtual events wishing to deliver virtual results. Many events will have various registration options that don’t necessarily line up to the results needed. Or there may be unique situations where results need to be combined. Event organizers and timers can now create custom result set configurations to meet their unique situation.

Multiple Registration Options, One Result Set

Some events will have various registration options that do not need individual result sets. For example, you may have registration options such as  a “5K-No Shirt” option and a “5K-With Shirt” option. However, for results you just need one “5K” event for user submitted data to be routed.

In this scenario, the event creates a single Result Set and then selects the Alternative Events that are tied to this one set of results. The result data from these alternative events will then funnel into this one Result Set.

One Registration Option, Multiple Result Sets

Some events may have a situation where they have a main or “master”registration category or multiple high level registration categories that cover a bundle or multiple types of events. For example, a challenge event could have a one price bundled registration that covers multiple mini challenges such as a “hot dog eating contest”, a “number of steps contest,” and a “push up challenge.” Each of these will then need a result set created for user data to submit into.

Races can now set it up to have each of these to have their own Result Sets by creating Result Sets for each. In addition, the master category can be disabled from results by switching the result set to Enhanced Virtual Results Only.

Combination Scenarios

And, of course, there are any number of combinations in between these and the system is designed to provide maximum flexibility.

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Flexible User Submitted Results for Virtual Events

RunSignup’s RaceDay Virtual Results offer events the ability to have user submitted results. These can be submitted through links on web pages, automatic submission for those using RaceJoy, or by SMS text.

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