Free Virtual Results Bot for Virtual Events

Flexible User Submitted Virtual Results & Alerts

We are very pleased to announce our RaceDay Virtual Results solution for virtual race events. RunSignup’s RaceDay Virtual Results provides outdoor events with flexible user submitted results through multiple mediums, including FREE TXT-to-event submissions, multiple web-based points, and auto submission through RunSignup’s mobile race day app, RaceJoy. Events can offer real-time scored comparative results and email or text finish notifications. RaceDay Virtual Results is one of the many tools RunSignup is delivering to help events respond successfully to the changing race landscape due to Covid-19. 

We like to refer to our virtual results solution as a Virtual Results Bot because it is so easy and automated. Basically, events or timers do a simple setup and the participant submits their own time. The scored results process automatically and can be distributed through multiple methods.

Multiple Result Submission Points for Finishers

Results Submitted Through RaceJoy, SMS Text, or Links on Web Pages

RunSignup’s RaceDay Virtual Results offers flexible and multiple submission points for finishers to self-submit their results data. Participants can quickly text their results in from their mobile phone at no cost to the event. If they are using RaceJoy’s tracking, participants’ GPS-based results are automatically submitted through the app as they cross the finish line. In addition, RunSignup offers manual submission points on the participant’s user profile, the event’s registration website, and on the event’s results page. 

Virtual Results Scoring

RaceDay Virtual Results incorporates automatic real-time scoring of participant submitted results for access to live comparative results by age and/or gender divisions. Race organizers or timers can route results to their event or RunSignup web page. In addition, events have the option to enable result notifications where friends and family can receive email or text alerts of finisher information – another free service provided to RunSignup events. 

Virtual Events Results Dashboard

RunSignup continues to evolve and improve the virtual events dashboard and results functionality. Here is a recent blog and recorded webinar for additional information.


Virtual Event Resources

As the industry has needed to shift to virtual experiences, races will need to offer creative tangible components to replicate an authentic race experience. We, at RunSignup, are quickly responding to the new world we are in. Our goal is to help our races not only survive, but ultimately thrive in the months ahead.

Check out RunSignup’s Virtual Events resources page.


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