Virtual Results Dashboard Updates and Webinar Recording

We have updated our Dashboard screens for the Enhanced Virtual Results setup, making it easier for you to let participants submit their own results for Virtual Races. Catch up on the webinar and slides, or just get an overview of the updates below.

Virtual Race Resources

This webinar specifically covers the updates to the Dashboard for Enhanced Virtual Results, as detailed below. If you’re looking for broader information on Virtual Events, here are some of the resources for that:

Enhanced Virtual Results Dashboard Updates

Navigate to RaceDay Tools >> Enhanced Virtual Race >> Set Up Virtual Race

Updates to the Enhanced Virtual Race Landing Page

It’s now cleaner and easier to see what you can (and have) done with your Virtual Events setup. On this screen, you can:

  • Request enhanced featues for any virtual events you have set up.
  • Edit the settings for any existing virtual events that have been enhanced.
  • Determine which events are enhanced, and of those, which have the additional TXT features enabled.

Adding and Editing Enhanced Virtual Race Settings for an Event

The Enhanced Features setup screen has been converted to a full-screen view to allow you to focus on what’s important, and reduce the dashboard clutter while you are working on this section.

A few things to note from this page:

  • Approval time: RunSignup manually approves enhanced virtual races to ensure they are setup correctly. Please start this process 2 days before your start date to leave time for review.
  • No bibs, no results: Participants cannot submit results unless they have bib numbers, and bib numbers must be assigned before the first message is distributed or results will not work. We recommend turning on automatic bib assignment.

Types of Virtual Race Results Posting

There are three options for participants to submit results. You can enable all three from this page, or only turn on email & via website.

  • Submit via website. Phase 1 of virtual results updates included the option for participants to submit their results through their user profile, on the registration management screen, or on the results page.
  • Submit via Email. Email results allow participants to submit their results through email. Participants are sent (at least) two emails, the first of which includes a link to the virtual event details and the second of which provides instructions for posting results. These are customizable for you to add additional language.
  • Submit Results via Text. Text results allow participants to submit their results via text. The setup for this is similar to the email setup, with the added requirement of creating a code that participants can use to report their results.

While the screen looks slightly different, the instructions here are still good for walking you through email and text message setup.

Good news: Free Texts!

There is a cost to us to send out the texts for text results, and as a result, we had previously set a $1 processing fee when races enable Text Results. Given the current circumstances, we feel it’s more important for our races to have access to cool features that will make their virtual races stand out, and that fee has been removed.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 5.25.46 PM

Upcoming Virtual Race Results Updates:

We’re not done (we’re never really done!). Our next round of updates to look forward to will include:

  • Pre-filling the Text Message Keyword based on the Race Name
  • Pre-selecting and automatically naming the Result Set based on the Event Name
  • Suggesting Result Submission start and “Until” dates
  • Giving you a preview of the messages that will go out.

Upcoming Results Submission Updates

  • Allowing RaceJoy users to submit their results directly from within the app. This will be available by 4/21; Timers who wish to offer RaceJoy should register for RaceJoy Certification on the same day.
  • Updating the setup for Enhanced Virtual Races to allow particpants in “linked” Events to submit their results to multiple Enhanced Virtual Events (for example, with “bundle” Events that need results for multiple events under one registration).

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