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Symposium 2019: RunSignup 101

At our Symposium, we like to include a wide range of presentations to cover features across the platform. RunSignup 101 gives customers who are new to the RunSignup platform a detailed look into creating a race with RunSignup. We'll walk you through the Race Wizard, paying special attention to places where people often get confused.... Continue Reading →

UX Update: New Race Wizard

We have released a major update to our race wizard. Here is a quick overview of what was included in this update: Refresh the look of the wizard with a clean modern design. Improve the usability and flow of the wizard. We scrutinized each UI element for improvements. Remove elements that are not needed in... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Wizard V4.0

We are introducing the 4th major version of our race creation wizard! This new release is one of nice refinements to make the process of creating a race easier for new users and quick for power users. Some of the new features include: Beautiful work done by our design team that increases overall usability and... Continue Reading →

Race Wizard Manual

This manual covers all the steps in the Race Creation process. You can now either watch the videos, or see this manual (or both!) if you have questions. RunSignUp Wizard Manual It covers the following topics: Basic Race info on date & location Event Specific information like race distance and when the 5K and 10K... Continue Reading →

New Wizard Released

We released the new widget and associated other pages this morning! We have the first version of our new documentation is available - the RunSignUp Wizard Manual. You will see a lot more from this documentation when we finish our new Help system over the next couple of weeks! The bad news is that some... Continue Reading →

Race Wizard Beta Test

We are VERY excited to bring you the public beta of the new Race Wizard!  This is a big redesign that has a modern, clean look and is fully Mobile Ready!  Need to change pricing or a registration cap or a date?  Just login on your smartphone. We also offer a number of ease of... Continue Reading →