New Wizard Released

Race WizardWe released the new widget and associated other pages this morning!

We have the first version of our new documentation is available – the RunSignUp Wizard Manual. You will see a lot more from this documentation when we finish our new Help system over the next couple of weeks!

The bad news is that some people had unpleasant initial experiences mostly due to Internet Explorer 10 (this is a truly terrible browser).  We have written workarounds for all of those issues and those have all been deployed. We also have had some recommendations and many of those will be deployed later today and all by tomorrow.  They include adding the Giveaways and simple donations back into the wizard, cleaning up some of the terminology and layout and correcting a bug in the links section at the end of the wizard.

QR CodeThe good news is that the release is done and we have overall a much easier to use system, with some nice new features!  For example at the end of the wizard we now give you a convenient QR code that you can include on things like your bibs and race brochures and posters.  These help people connect easily to the race webpage for registration and to view results.

We really appreciate all the feedback!  It is what helps make us better and better, and hopefully help you more and more!

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