2013 Mid-Year Availability Update

Availability Report


As we have committed to, we do a bi-annual report on Availability of the RunSignUp Service.  As previously reported, we put a lot of effort in during 2012 to create a multi-faceted approach to high availability for our customers.

During the first half of 2013 we only screwed up badly once.  This was due to an upgrade we did to one of the core services that wound up not taking.  It only effected 5 people, so that was the good news – hence the reason why the reporting tool we use (New Relic) reports 100% uptime in June.  We are very proud of the Continuous Deployment process we have put together that allows us to make updates to the system without disruption to our user base.

During the first half of the year we expanded our Cloud Service for a couple of races that opened to high demand.  We are very happy to report those expansions more than met the needs of those clients.

Browser Response TimeWe also continue to make minor performance improvements.  Most browsers with high speed connections see around 1 second page response time.  Mobile browsers now make up 37% of the users.  Half of those are on iPhone’s and a Quarter are on iPad’s.  The rest is a cross section of mostly Android devices.

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