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RedLineAs part of our efforts to create a modern and open platform for running, we are developing a number of interesting technologies that are useful to others.  Of course the Open Running API is the foundation of these efforts, and we continue to get other users and are continuing to expand the API.

One of the things we developed was a Zip Code API.  We developed this API to provide a list of Zip Codes within a certain Radius.  We use this for the Running Club/Store widget for providing a list of races within a certain distance of a store or club.  We are also going to be updating our UI so runners can enter their zip code and we will fill in the City and State automatically.

We have created a separate company to provide these services that we develop and are generally useful.  We provide them for free for up to 250 queries per hour.  The Zip Code API provides the following functions:

We already have a number of developers on the web who have found it.  For example, a major retailer’s web site uses it to see how far you are from the nearest store.

We love developing technology and see people using it.  Instead of keeping it bottled up inside RunSignUp, we figure this is a good outlet!

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