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Coupon ROIWe have a number of large races and multi-city races that have become big users of Coupons to help drive their participants.  They create custom coupons around special marketing events (like July 4th!), or use “Daily Deal” sites like Groupon and Living Social, or target running store customers with a special coupon, etc.

Once you get over a few coupons it starts to become difficult to manage them and understand how many were used, and what the real cost and payback are. In addition, trying to manage the coupons and do mass editing across multiple coupons, editing expiration dates and so forth can be a challenge.

We have added several great capabilities:

  • Summary Reports. As seen above, this gives you an overview breakdown of your coupon usage with nice graphics.
  • Coupon TagsTags. Now you can add tags to each coupon. This helps you track tags that are related to each other and do reports and editing across similar Coupons.
  • Coupon Across Multiple Races. You can now use a coupon across multiple races. This is very useful to multi-city races that want to be able to have one coupon that works for any city and do mass marketing efforts like a general Facebook Ad. It also allows you to track that ad’s effectiveness across multiple cities.
  • Coupon ROIROI Reports. See exactly how each coupon is performing. Sort the top performers across metrics like % Used, % Discount, etc. See if a coupon for a race may bring higher returns based on additional items ordered.
  • Multi-Coupon Edit. This makes it easy to make a change across a set of coupons. Pick a tag and then edit all of those coupon’s expiration date for example.

Here is a video overview. Let us know if you have ideas on making this even better!

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