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How To HelpWe are beginning to roll out a whole new generation of Help.  The objective is to have video and textual help for each and every page on RunSignUp.

Today we rolled out three things in addition to the nice, new clean look that will make things easier to find and use.  First, the front end of the website is all now Mobile Ready with the new Responsive Design.  This means the main page looks great on mobile devices.  Also, when you look at the How To pages, the videos will all resize to your tablet or mobile device.

The second improvement is the start of our multi-mode How To Help.  The multi-mode is only available on some How To pages right now, but eventually will cover everything.  This helps people who prefer to read rather than watch a video.

Finally, we have started to create Manuals in PDF for people to download and view.  These cover larger sections of capabilities.  Today we have a PDF for the Race Wizard and the Corporate Teams. We will eventually have a large manual that covers all parts of the system.

Example RunSignUp How To Page

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