UX Blog: Continuous Improvement

Email and Web builder Interface Updates Today we launched a few improvements to the email and web builder tools. Before I tell you about these improvements I would like to talk about why we make changes like this. Because our platform is so robust it is also complex. Our job as User Experience designers is […]

How Social Influence Impacts Donors

I was taking a workshop on behavioral design today and the topic of social influence came up. Social influence is one of the most powerful drivers in how users make decisions. Here is an example. If you were walking down the street with your boss and you saw a dirty $10 dollar bill in the […]

Individual Results Redesign

We have made some significant updates to the statistics on our individual results page. The improvements include updates to the look and feel. We achieved this by utilizing a clean modern design through the use of icons and rounded edges. Statistics are very important to participants. With that in mind we introduced a new overview […]

Registration User Experience Update

Although our development schedule and priorities have changed a little lately, we haven’t forgotten about our user experience. We have made some significant updates to the first page of our registration path. We have added some clarity to the registrant display by adding a container around each registrant. This helps users easily distinguish between each […]

Donation Forms: UX

Donation forms offer a new and exciting option for donating. Donation Forms automatically apply your nonprofit’s branding and custom domain or subdomain, giving your nonprofit a 100% white-label solution to collect donations. As we continue to work on donation forms we wanted to share some of the usability updates that we are making. Accessibility Fixes We ran an […]

Fundraising Page UX Updates: Phase 3

We have released exciting enhancements to our fundraising platform. These new features showcase the fundraiser and provide the tools to tell their story. To see the changes that have come before, check out Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the fundraising page makeover. Improved fundraiser page layout and flow The new fundraiser page now boasts […]

UX Update: New Race Website Template

Our new vertical navigation race website template is now available! We have been working hard to design and develop new options for your race website. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the new design. Modern responsive design with a fixed vertical navigation. Our new template features flexible vertical navigation. This works really well […]

Team/Group Design Update

As part of our Team/Group sign up improvement we have made a few design and usability improvements to the user interface. We have updated the radio buttons with our new tab component and we have also created some nice messages for no team selected and team registration required. This creates a friendly interface that communicates […]

Multi-Race Bundles UI Update

We have released an exciting update to our Multi-Race Bundles feature. The display of the Multi-Race Bundles has been redesigned on both the race website and registration form. This update makes reading and understanding the bundles much easier. The event tile now features a special “Bundle” tag that only shows for multi-race bundles. Bundle details are […]

Donation User Experience Update: Part 5

This morning we released part 5 in our Donation & Fundraising redesign. The release focuses on usability updates to the fundraiser/charity pages and pop-up windows. Highlights include: Usability and interface improvements to the fundraiser/charity pages. Larger fundraiser image Re-organization of the donation meter and top donors into a consistent side bar. Updated pop-up design that matches […]

Donation User Experience Update: Part 4

As part of our continuing user experience update to the Donation & Fundraising section we have released a big update to the donation section. Highlights include: The donation field is much larger and uses color highlights for clarity. Using the donation field is now more intuitive. It will select or deselect the appropriate level button […]

Donation User Experience Update: Part 3

Today we released our latest update to the donation user interface, Cards & Lists. The fundraiser cards have been completely redesigned. The cards now feature our “Tile” design as well as making the readability of the card content more clear and concise. We also added a new feature that allows users to toggle between list […]

Donation User Experience Update: Part 2

In this weeks donation update we focused on the fundraising tabs. The tabs have been redesigned with a clean modern feel and a new mobile option. On a mobile device, if there are three tabs, they will turn into a dropdown menu. This provides a better experience for mobile users. In addition, the “Become a […]

UX Update: New Race Wizard

We have released a major update to our race wizard. Here is a quick overview of what was included in this update: Refresh the look of the wizard with a clean modern design. Improve the usability and flow of the wizard. We scrutinized each UI element for improvements. Remove elements that are not needed in […]