How Social Influence Impacts Donors

I was taking a workshop on behavioral design today and the topic of social influence came up. Social influence is one of the most powerful drivers in how users make decisions.

Here is an example. If you were walking down the street with your boss and you saw a dirty $10 dollar bill in the gutter would you stop to pick it up? Most likely not. What would your boss think?

We can apply this thinking to how we phrase call to actions on our websites and donation forms. Instead of using a donate button that reads “Donate Now” or “Donate” try using “Be a Donor“. This wording is both active and uses the noun “donor”, giving the user a greater sense of being part of a group. The feeling of belonging to a group of donors can have a greater social influence, persuading the user to take action.

You can easily update the text that shows on your event’s Donate button. From your Race Dashboard, navigate to Race >> Race Website >> Race Theme. Under Custom Wording, you can update the wording on the sticky Donate button on your free website.

You can also add custom Call to Action buttons when you enable a Cover Page (Race >> Race Page >> Cover Page).

GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free websites give your organization the tools to experiment with social influence to drive donations and registrations.

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