Spring Forward Seminar: The New Event Formula

One year ago, 100% of our focus was on helping races and nonprofits pivot to virtual. It’s exciting, then, that April’s Spring Forward Seminar has a very different focus: getting back to live (and hybrid) events.

The return of live events isn’t the same as simply reverting to 2019 events, though. Events today are incorporating the lessons of a virtual season and adapting to new requirements to create a new style of event. We’re focused on the new event: flexible, cause-driven, hybrid event with an emphasis on fun and (safe) social engagement.

Our new event formula includes:

Six Questions to Answer at the Spring Forward Seminar:

  1. What is the current state of the industry? What events are back, now, and when do we expect to see more?
  2. What changes to events are likely permanent, and how do you incorporate them into your existing event plans?
  3. How do you build a successful event fundraising strategy amidst ongoing volatility?
  4. How do you promote your event and stand out in a crowded event schedule?
  5. What new or repurposed technology can help you manage a new flow of on-site activity?
  6. How do you keep the focus on fun despite necessary changes to the format and/or size of your event?

All sessions will be built on the foundation of what you and your peers are doing now. We’re watching closely as large races make decisions about the fall, adapt their strategy for the spring, or focus on fundraising instead of an in-person return. As with a year ago, the ability for events to be nimble and innovative is key for success – and we’re gathering the b

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