Custom Content UX Update

We released a big UX update to make it easy for you to manage, add to, and edit your race website’s custom content. All of your race’s existing custom content has been condensed into easy to manage tiles that you can simply click to edit and update. Here is the before and after:

The updates to Custom Content include:

  • Each custom content section is condensed to a tile component, which is labeled with the custom content section heading. Click the edit icon on the right to update the existing content, or click the trashcan to delete the custom content section.
  • To add a new custom content section, click the plus sign at the bottom of your custom content list.
  • The user interface for adding custom content is updated and easier to navigate. When you’re done adding content to a section, click Save in the upper right corner.

The way that you choose to display custom content is the same as before. As you add custom content, you can re-adjust the order and the way that it displays by navigating to Race >> Race Page >> Custom Content Display. Use this to determine:

  • custom content that shows up directly on the race website
  • custom content that becomes it’s own page as a menu item
  • custom content that becomes it’s own page as a sub-item under another menu title

If you are not using a cover page and would like to re-arrange the order that custom content shows on the front page of your race website, click the hyperlink at the top of the page.

This allows you to move custom content sections using the small arrow icons. Click Save Order at the bottom of the page once you’ve made your adjustments.

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