RaceJoy Product Update for Certified Timers

We’ve introduced new product improvements RaceJoy Certified Timers will find valuable – from map building backend setup advancements to improving the participant experience with registration integration for virtual events.

Bib Integration for Virtual Events

Participants no longer need to know their bib number when using RaceJoy for virtual events. RaceJoy now integrates with the registration of virtual events. So, when participants set up their profile in RaceJoy, they will be prompted to look up their registration name. This will then automatically pull in their assigned bib number so that their RaceJoy results will then also automatically publish when they complete their distance. This improvement helps to overcome previous issues associated with participants not being aware of their officially assigned bib number. Note: this is only applied for pure virtual events. If there are on-site components, then this automatic registration integration will not occur.

Snap to Distance Action on Marker 

This is a backend map improvement for timers and provides a quick way to make a marker move to a distance on a path. For example, when setting up a triathlon, the timer can use the Snap To Distance action to automatically move all the markers on the run course locations after the transition without have to recalculate the distance. This is also especially helpful if markers are accidentally moved to the wrong location. Timers can apply this from the Marker setup popup screen shown above.

Reverse Course 

Timers that have an event using a reverse of previous year’s course route, can now quickly apply the reversed map. The reverse of the same course route will be applied and automatically regenerates all the mile positions on the course. Timers can apply this under the map Actions area shown above.

Course Map Naming Alert

The RaceJoy map builder now includes a Course Name Map Anomaly alert for course names that are too long since these will not be fully viewable in the app. Sometimes, registration event names are very long and this now helps to remind the timer to adjust the course names that appear in RaceJoy.

RaceJoy Certified Timers can send questions to info@racejoy.com.

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