Symposium 2019: Quick Hits

Another Symposium, another Quick Hits presentation. RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins is back for his fourth year in a row with a new Quick Hits presentation. You can view the full length video below, or check out our YouTube channel. Need a more condensed version? We’ve summarized the main points below!

Your Profile and Dashboards

Access your dashboard for your individual race by going to profile > my races. Click on the race you want to view and the dashboard will be pulled up.

Search for specific features using the search bar on the top of the sidebar.

Access YOY comparisons and RaceInsights from your dashboard to view reports about registrations, demographics, etc.

Registration and Reporting

Import past participants: Participants > Import

Access miscellaneous settings by going to Race > Race Page > Misc. Settings. From here, you can see processing fees, set a custom word to replace the word “race”, and set up a contact form for your race.

Manage volunteers through out volunteer platform. Go to Volunteers > Setup to create volunteer tasks, set volunteer coordinators, and send mass emails to your volunteers so they are ready for race day.

Race Websites

Add your custom domain to your race page to align your RunSignup website with your branding. Simply go to Race > Race Page > Domains.

Create a beautiful landing page that your website visitors see when they first visit your RunSignup site. Add content using individual content blocks or two blocks side to side. Add custom action buttons to redirect users to a different page on your race site. Add photos and videos from your races or a countdown clock to race day. The new Cover Page feature allows you to create a branded cover page in seconds. Go to Race > Race Page > Cover Pages.

Add an FAQ tab similar the the RunSignup support page to help your participants during registration. You can see an example here.


Drip campaigns are sets of pre-scheduled emails triggered after a specific action is taken. For example, once a user signs up, they may immediately receive a confirmation email. Then, two weeks later, you can send an email urging them to fundraise, and another email the day before race day with race tips. Once you initially set up the campaign, you just sit back and watch the power of email automation do its work. You can set up a drip campaign by going to Email Marketing > Automated Emails > Registration Follow up.

Edit email source code in your marketing emails. When sending an email, click the “< >” to open up the html editor. Copy and paste the html you built in another email editor, or edit directly from the html editor if you’re html savvy.

Reward your participants for referring other racers with swag rewards. You set the terms and the rewards, and then encourage your racers to start referring. RunSignup automatically tracks referrals so you know exactly what rewards to give each participant.

Fundraising and Donations

We recently announced our Facebook Fundraiser integration. You’ll be able to set up a Facebook fundraiser that syncs with your RunSignup account. Fundraise across multiple platforms with ease! To set up the Facebook Fundraising integration, go to Donations/Fundraising > Facebook Fundraising.

Create an add-on to donate at checkout. The add-on will display at checkout to allow registrants to add a donation onto their total. Go to Donations/Fundraising > Charities to set it up. Please note, you need to set up a charity to use this feature.


Schedule a pre-race email by following Email Marketing > Send Email. Use a replacement tag to include the participant’s CheckIn QR code. We also suggest that you include some race day instructions to make your participant’s race day experience (and your’s) easier.

Set up fast registration for RaceDay Registration. Choose the fields and steps that you want to skip to register participants on race day in seconds. Go to Race > Registration > Fast Registration to get started.

If you need to learn more, you can watch the full video for a more in-depth look into some of these features. Looking to learn some more? Most of our slides from Symposium are now up on our slideshare site, and videos from our presentations will be continuously rolling out on this YouTube playlist over the coming weeks.

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