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Your race deserves a high quality website that you control.

Races and Nonprofits can now use their own Domain names and Subdomain names on their RunSignup Websites for free. This means that instead of, you can now have In addition, we also support SubDomains like, or, or

We built RunSignup Websites to be Your Website. We hear these common problems all of the time:

  • “Our race website is separate from registrations.”
  • “Our registrations are separate from donations and fundraising”
  • “Our website is separate from results and photos and participant management and find a participant and…”
  • “We can’t update our website”
  • “We paid someone 3 years ago to build our website and can’t afford to update it”
  • “Our WordPress site got hacked”
  • “We aren’t able to keep up with notifications like price increases on our website”
  • “Our website isn’t mobile friendly”
  • “Our website is our face to our community – and it kinda stinks.”

With the power of our website, combined with the new domain name capability, you have the all of the power you need to use RunSignup to host your free website.

What’s included in your custom domain?

  • Swap out the standard “” for “”
  • An SSL Certificate
  • Setup subdomains to reinforce a primary brand or tie together multiple events
  • Built in search engine optimization and secure payment processing
  • A mobile-responsive, data-driven website with a professional template branded for your your event

Whether you are transferring an existing domain to a previously setup RunSignup race website or starting from scratch, the process is free – including your SSL certificate.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 5.37.59 PM

The days of having a race website and a registration page and a fundraising page are over – they are now one place for your community to gather.  With all of this power, and the integration of your live race data – there is no reason to have a separate website any longer.

We have a variety of resources to learn how to do this:

In addition, we are hosting a live Webinar – Bring Your Own Domain Race Website Hosting on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 2PM Eastern.

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