Infrastructure behind RunSignup’s Free Websites with BYO Domains

As usual, we have put a lot of work and investments into the new Domains offering we have coming out in mid April, 2019. Security and availability are top of mind for us as we host tens of thousands of websites and process hundreds of millions of dollars. We can’t go into details for security reasons, but we have a robust infrastructure investment that our Domains project reuses.


One of the biggest innovations we have developed is a scalable and reliable process to create, manage and renew SSL Certificates. We anticipate handling thousands of websites, and each one requires an SSL certificate that remains secure and unique.

Most web companies charge $150-500 per year for a secure e-commerce SSL website. RunSignup is using the leading certificate authority, Let’s Encrypt. It is a free, automated and open certificate authority supported by major industry heavyweights like Google, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft and others. A key part of RunSignup Domains is generating a certificate for each of the domains we are hosting and renewing those in a reliable manner. Since Let’s Encrypt is free, we are keeping our costs low by doing automated renewals and keeping our websites free even with custom domains.

In addition, the Domains traffic all routes thru our existing PCI Level 1 certified infrastructure. This means your free websites is independently audited and verified annually.


Knock on wood, but it has been nearly 4 years since our system was last down. Your website is running on that same infrastructure, so it gives you assurance that your website will be reliable. Our advanced design replicates much of our infrastructure for automated failover. We also monitor our systems 24X7.

Scalability and Performance

Our cloud infrastructure is designed for fast performance. This means webpages load fast, which will make your users happy and help your Google quality scores. In addition, we handle huge peak loads.

So the service may be free, but the quality is still sky high.


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