Timer Day: A New, Full Day Dedicated to Timers!

This year’s Timer Day at the RunSignup Symposium is getting a makeover! Surpass expectations of your customers by being on the forefront of race day technology and by taking advantage of cutting edge tools that enable you to give a big race day experience. Choose from two educational treks and access in-depth RaceDay product training: […]

NEW: Race Director Program

RunSignup is excited to announce it’s new Race Director program for RaceDay Certified Timers who want to support the success of their races by offering educational sessions for race directors. This is an exclusive program for RaceDay Certified Timers. This new Race Director Program is designed to help position timers as the industry’s technology authority, […]

RaceDay Product Training Videos

Interested in learning more about RunSignup’s RaceDay products such as RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy? Below are a series of training videos from our recent RaceDay Certification Timer Tour. Topics covered include an explanation of RaceDay Suite pricing, how to use RaceDay Scoring, and how to build maps in RaceJoy. Also, provided is an informative session […]

RunSignup Accepting Applications for the 2019 Community Grant

We are now accepting applications for our 2019 Community Grant Program. The program, in its fourth year, awards a $10,000 contribution to endurance-related nonprofit organizations. Anyone can nominate an organization for the RunSignup Community Grant here through June 17, 2019. The grant supports nonprofits that promote the endurance industry; for example, local youth running programs, training funds for tri-athletes, or the collection of running shoes for runners in developing countries. Requirements for applicants include: All applicants must be a 501(c)3 Non-Profit […]

Domain Support on RunSignup

Your race deserves a high quality website that you control. Races and Nonprofits can now use their own Domain names and Subdomain names on their RunSignup Websites for free. This means that instead of RunSignup.com/MyRace, you can now have MyRace.com. In addition, we also support SubDomains like Donate.MyNonProfit.org, or 8K.Rotary.org, or Seattle.MyRaceSeries.com. We built RunSignup […]

The RunSignup Symposium Prepares to Take Over Reading Terminal Market!

We kick off each RunSignup Symposium with a social event (included in all Symposium registrations) to allow attendees to gather and relax. Attendees of this year’s conference will get a truly unique Philadelphia experience! On July 15th, we’ll be heading to Reading Terminal Market for a private grazing dinner from local vendors, amidst a fully […]

Using SubDomains with RunSignup Websites

In addition to Domains, you can also use SubDomains with RunSignup Websites. This can be very powerful if you already have a primary website and want to reinforce that brand, or you have multiple events on RunSignup and you want to tie them all together with the feel of a single website and domain name. […]

Participant Tracking Options

During the RaceDay Timer Certification tour, James Harris, RunSignup’s Chief Technology Officer, provides an overview of tracking options available for races. Check out this video where James discusses traditional BIB/Chip tracking based on RFID technology, and GPS continuous tracking. RunSignup offers multiple options for timers and race organizers, including: –Live Results Alerts issued through email or SMS […]

Google Domains Website Example

This feature will be publicly released in mid April, 2019. RunSignup is offering “BYO Domain” to our free website hosting for races and nonprofits. In this example, we bought the domain name MoorestownTrails.org on Google Domains, and then pointed that domain to RunsignUp so that name can be used in addition to RunSignup.com/MoorestownTurkeyTrot. This blog covers the […]

Infrastructure behind RunSignup’s Free Websites with BYO Domains

As usual, we have put a lot of work and investments into the new Domains offering we have coming out in mid April, 2019. Security and availability are top of mind for us as we host tens of thousands of websites and process hundreds of millions of dollars. We can’t go into details for security […]

GoDaddy Domain Website Setup Example

This feature will be publicly released in mid April, 2019. RunSignup is offering “BYO Domain” to our free website hosting for races and nonprofits. In this example, we bought the domain name ScottCoffeeRun.com on GoDaddy, and then pointed that domain to RunsignUp so that name can be used in addition to RunSignup.com/ScottCoffeeRun. This blog covers […]

Domains, SSL, DNS and Internet Basics

With the coming release of “BYO Domain” on RunSignup in mid-April 2019, this blogpost is meant to provide you with a basic understanding of how domains work, and the background on what you will need to do to set up your Domain so RunSignup can host your website. The setup process will have two major […]

RaceDay Scoring Training

RunSignup’s new RaceDay Scoring software is designed with an open approach for timers to use with any timing system. The following three videos are from the Timer Certification training in Orlando, and provide basic to advanced training of RaceDay Scoring.   Check out this video where Matt Avery, RunSignup’s RaceDay Product Manager, provides an overview […]

How a community fundraising run grew from 200 runners to more than 1,000 participants

Johnny’s Jog for Charity is a St Patrick’s Day themed 5k event in West Hartford, Connecticut that raises money for local children’s nonprofits. The run celebrates Johnny’s brief but impactful life by bringing the community together for a good cause each year. Over the past nine years, the event has grown from a small 200 […]

Q1 2019 RunSignup Results

We do a quarterly update on how things are going with RunSignUp (2016, Q1/17, Q2/17, Q3/17, 2017, Q1/18, Q2/18, Q3/18 and 2018). The good news is that more races, timing companies, running stores and runners continue to recommend us. And we keep putting out great technology our customers seem to like! RunSignUp Numbers Our numbers were great for Q1 with 17% […]