Participant Tracking Options

During the RaceDay Timer Certification tour, James Harris, RunSignup’s Chief Technology Officer, provides an overview of tracking options available for races. Check out this video where James discusses traditional BIB/Chip tracking based on RFID technology, and GPS continuous tracking.

RunSignup offers multiple options for timers and race organizers, including:

Live Results Alerts issued through email or SMS text alerts.

BIB/Chip Progress Alerts based on participants crossing timing equipment on the course also issued through SMS text or email.

GPS Progress Alerts issued at every mile based on tracking participants’ phones and issued through the app, RaceJoy.

GPS Continuous Location Tracking of participants and race staff blue dot move in a map view using RaceJoy. Also includes a master RaceDay Monitoring view for race organizers.

This video covers each of these  and ways in which they complement one another. James also demonstrates ways to make race day easier and more efficient for timers through technology.


Races can take advantage of RunSignup’s participant tracking options by going to their timer. RaceJoy is available through RaceDay Certified Timers or by going direct to RaceJoy.  If you’d like to become a Certified RaceDay Timer, RunSignup is  offering another upcoming opportunity:

RunSignup Symposium, Timer Day, July 17: Register for the timer day at RunSignup’s symposium. We are offering two tracks: RaceDay Certification and advanced sessions for those who have already completed the certification.

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