Content Websites vs. Data Driven Websites

A race’s website is their primary means of branding a race, the promotional tool to draw runners, and communicate with participants about important information. Many race website suffer from one or more of the following problems:

  • Old, insecure
  • Not mobile ready
  • Costly to update
  • No one to update
  • Disjointed, inconsistent user experience when jumping between the race site and registration site
  • Disjointed user experience when confirming or changing information

RunSignUp provides a free race website to every race. It provides both Content AND Data. This gives you a single place to manage everything on your website, and you get the power of the RunSignUp CRM system providing services right on your website beyond registration and fundraising, like “find a participant”, editing giveaway or resending confirmation emails, or swapping bibs.

This video hits the highlights:


You can customize the look and feel as well as content of your race website with lots of options, similar to the functionality of a full content management site like WordPress:

  • Upload your own homepage hero image
  • Upload your own race logo
  • Customize the colors
  • Choose from multiple template options
  • Create any number of pages
  • Insert your own any additional content simply, including images and video
  • Create your own race menu

And you get the benefits that go beyond what you would get spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on a content website:

  • Everything is secure with SSL
  • You get the benefit of RunSignUp SEO as well as our strong affiliate network of race calendars to automatically give your race maximum exposure
  • Up to 5 short URL options like and
  • Link to your Facebook and Twitter pages, and show your social media stream on the RunSignUp race website
  • Strong call to action with SignUp and Donate buttons on every page
  • Fully integrated registration, simple donations, race stores and fundraising
  • Donation page with goal tracking, donor lists, custom images and more
  • Fundraisers and Teams get their own webpages on your race website
  • Automatic options for Find a Participant
  • Participant self serve for changing information like shirts or even allow runners to change events or do bib transfers without any work for the race director
  • Sponsor images automatically appear on every page
  • Free results hosting for your timer to upload results to
  • Free Photo platform with automated AI driven bib tagging

All in one place.

And soon we will allow races to use their own custom domain names at a very low cost. Stay tuned!

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